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We all have favorite superstars, Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson and Clay Matthews are amongst them. However some NFL “stars” in my Opinion shouldn’t be valued so highly.

Trent Richardson, RB, Cleveland Browns: Yes indeed I put Richardson on this list, not because of his play but all the attention around him. Being the 3rd pick of the draft (I think drafting a RB in the top 10 is foolish, as previous Super Bowl winning teams like NY Giants and Green Bay were amongst the last in rushing during their glory year) means you HAVE to be a top 10 player during day 1 if your a RB. But Richardson COULD be, but is  he currently? Not yet anyway. Ranking him (according to NFL players/fans) above proven players like Matthew Stafford, Steve Smith, Cameron Wake and Logan Mankins, is absurd to me. Yes I know he played with broken ribs and faced 8 man fronts, but fellow rookies Alfred Morris and Doug Martin outperformed him. I dont see why everyone likes a player that has more potential then a player who ALREADY reached it.

D.J Hayden, CB, Oakland Raiders: It might be unfair to judge a player who hasn’t played a NFL snap yet but I criticize his draft status. For a player who ALMOST died and struggles with injuries didn’t deserve the attention. During the pre draft weekend, I didn’t hear about him until draft week. Then all the sudden people were raving for him as the NO.1 CORNER in the draft. Wait…huh? I never heard of the guy before and then the Raiders (McKenzie what did Thompson teach you?) “snagged” him at No.12 overall. In my research not only was he rated as a 6th rd pick by most scouts but he is from……..Houston. Yeah the same Houston that was QB Draft Bust Factory (Andre Ware, David Klinger). Also I had at LEAST 10 cornerbacks above him (Rhodes,Trufant,Wreh-Wilson,Banks,Webb,Poyer,Amerson, Slay, Gratz and Anthony) higher. If he is a bust, I called it. Then again who knows…..

Kenny Britt, WR Tennessee Titans: People who think Kenny Britt is a good player must not watch football. Britt has more arrests and injuries then ACTUAL production. Supports of Britt will point out his injury, mainly his 2011 injury. This is partially true but he still played 14 games, and was outproduced less known players like Lance Moore, Mike Williams and Donnie Avey for that matter. Sure he has Locker as his QB but Jeremy Kerley had more production with MARK SANCHEZ as his QB. There is no more excuses for Britt, he has to man up and produce LIKE HE SHOULD.

Dion Jordan, DE/LB, Miami Dolphins: Like Hayden it is a bit unfair since Jordan hasn’t had a down yet, but again I criticize his draft status. Trading up to the No.3 spot for a situational pass rusher doesn’t make sense. Also Dion Jordan wasn’t THAT productive ether, as he recorded 5 sacks in his last year….WOW 5 sacks. I’m just saying you can find pass rushers off the street (Cameron Wake, Chris Clemons were street guys) At the No.3 spot you pick an great player ALL ROUND, not just on 3rd downs. He MIGHT pile up sacks like Aldon Smith but isn’t a complete player.

Darren Sporles, RB/RS, New Orleans Saints: I might get slammed with comments but I said it, Darren Sporles is overrated. Why? Because some writers (Matt Miller from Bleacher Report is an example) thinks Sporles is a top 15 running back. That makes NO SENSE for a guy who is an 3rd STRING RB (behind Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas). I don’t care how fast, clever or versatile back his if he cant get past 3rd string.

Percy Harvin, WR/RS, Seattle Seahawks: I’ll get slammed for this also but yup Percy Harvin is overrated to me. For a guy who gets about 10 million a year for a guy who struggles with injures (migraines also), isn’t a team player and hasn’t surpassed 1000 yards yet. I think Harvin is a top 10 WR TALENT WISE but didn’t deserve 10 million a year for what he COULD be. To under the radar guys like Eric Decker, that’s kinda ridiculous.

Leodis McKelvin, CB/RS, Buffalo Bills: Notice all the return specialists on this list? Leodis earns 5 million for being a good SPECIAL TEAMER. He also struggles in coverage when he ACTUALLY plays. Oh and did you know that he was the first defensive back selected in the 2008 draft? Yeah a guy selected 9th overall SHOULD be a pro bowl DB, but McKelvin is a mediocre NICKELBACk. Then again this is the Bills we are talking about.

Antonio Brown, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers: This might seem harsh especially the fact that Antonio Brown was a 6th rd pick and one of the guys you root for. However the diehard Steelers and his teammates overvalue him. In 2011 he was named MVP for his 1100 receiving yards, but now there is two points that stick out: 1)Yes he produced yardage but he scored….21 points, thats not much even for slot guys and 2) When you feature players like Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Wallace and Troy Polamalu, Brown is more valuable? Because thats what MVP stands for: Most Valuable Player and Brown was not at a level then. Despite having his yardage decreased by 400 in 2012, the Steeler nation is expecting him to produce Mike Wallace numbers? C’mon man I think Chad Johnson is smarter then that.

Tom Coughlin, Head Coach, New York Giants: This might surprise some, yes Coughlin is indeed overrated. Why? Because he is given a LOT of talent to work with but cant get the best of his players. All of Tom Coughlin’s teams, even the Super Bowl Champion teams have one thing in common: INCONSISTENT, INCONSISTENT and INCONSISTENT. One week the Giants look like a powerhouse and the next week look like a high school team. It’s a worse case then Rex Grossman with Chicago. Even in Jacksonville he was given A LOT of talent but couldn’t do one thing good coach’s can: Get their players to play 100% every game. Every team Coughlin’s coached usually features undisciplined diva’s (Brandon Jacobs, Jeremy Shockey, David Diehl and Osi Umenyora to name a few),  erratic play and stupid STUPID penalties or turnovers. Basically when THEY have to play (or when they feel like it) they live up to their talent like their championship runs or they just look silly and uninspired. Coughlin is a players coach who is charge for the team’s play and provide leadership, which he obliviously has not done. The Championship teams were caused by GM Jerry Reese not Coughlin. In my opinion at least Mike Ditka had energy. Yes he has two rings for “coaching” SB teams,  which the players won for him. (When they feel like playing anyway.)