– “DeMarco Murray says he’s capable of a 2,000-yard season”

Opinion: Now this is absurd. DeMarco had to be on drugs when he said this. He has shown flashes but a 2,000 yard season? He is injury prone and unproductive recently. To say this, that is like Blaine Gabbert claiming he will throw 45 touchdown passes.

– “Bengals release Jamaal Anderson”

Opinion: Jamaal Anderson has been the definition of underachiever, as a top 10 pick he have been a 8 sack season artist per season but he had 7.5 for his WHOLE career. Its a surprise he’s lasted 6 seasons.

–  “Seahawks want to use Irvin at linebacker

Opinion: This makes total sense, I’m surprised they didn’t figure this out earlier. The Seahawks have so much depth at DE that Irvin would have been buried under the depth chart. Now he can start at OLB spot. His weight (248 currently) is perfect for the spot. Since he has a 4 game suspension, Malcolm Smith will most likely start those first dour games and then after the suspension is lifted, Bruce will reclaim the spot.

–  “Report: No contract talks expected for Bills, Jairus Byrd

Opinion: Well this is concerning, i mean yes its really early but Jarius Byrd is a top 5 safety and the pass defense will get worse then it ALREADY is.

– “Cruz’s deal breaks down to $15.6 million over two years, four one-year deals”

Opinion: Solid deal, Victor Cruz has shown that even without Hakeem Nicks he can be productive. Not a bargain, but a solid deal.