– “Mike Williams frustrated with deal or caps lock”

  • Opinion: Now Mike Williams might be overreacting to the slow process of contract extensions. But if this is true, it would be surprising. Mike Williams could be a No.1 on receiver less teams (Oakland for an example) and should come cheap since he is a underrated player. But he is productive since entering the league. 

– Chip Kelly thinks it would be “unfair” to pick a QB too soon

  • Opinion: It is early but Michael Vick should win it. If he doesn’t i think Barkley will. Matt Barkley was considered the No. 1 player before the 2012 season. After a “okay” but disappointing season his stock dropped more then it should. Pre-Draft day I saw Barkley as a late 1st round choice. What about Nick Foles? He’s solid but I dont see a lot of upside. He shouldn’t win the job. 

– Eric Decker doesn’t think DUI arrests will affect team on field

  • Opinion: HEY! Is Eric Decker the only guy in Denver that has common sense? Seriously a DUI isn’t a huge deal. I mean really? The Cowboys (yes them) didn’t suffer when Josh Brent killed his teammate. So why would Peyton Manning’s team suffer from DUI? This is the intelligence of the media, people.

Report: Packers working on extension for Morgan Burnett

  • Opinion: This is why Green Bay has never lost more then 6 games in a season since 2008. Green Bay snatches their upcoming star players to cheap contracts before their break out season, so that they are under contact for much less then it should be. This why Green Bay wont age, because they have cheap up and coming players. Ted Thompson= Smartest in the business.

– Report: No contract talks for Cowboys, Sean Lee yet

  • Opinion: A little early, but I thought the Cowboys adored him. So why haven’t they even start contract talks yet? Man if u love the guy RESIGN HIM ya idouts. And Jerry Jones wonder why they lack talent. Jerry Jones is pretty much the new Al Davis.