Willis McGahee’s departure: What it means.


What it means for Denver: The Broncos have acknowledged their crowed backfield depth wise, and are comfortable with ether underachiever Knowshon Moreno or rookie Montee Ball as the go to back. 

What it means for Willis McGahee: The 31 year old was expected to earn around 3 million and to most teams thats a lot to a injured 31 year old back. The market could be tough because of McGahee’s age and inconsistency. But a drought backfield could give him a new home. Reasonable fits could be Oakland, Pittsburgh, Dallas, New Orleans and St. Louis.

What I think: Its understandable that Denver cut him, that is the NFL after all. But he was the main reason for Tim Tebow’s success in Denver and had over 1000 yards the previous year. I think bringing him at the minimum veteran price for a stop gap starter for 1 to 2 years in a empty backfield would be a good deal.